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The shapes of plants around the world are diverse. From basic research using Arabidopsis thaliana as a model plant, it was suggested that common mechanisms related to growth and differentiation are present in almost all plants. The importance of such basic research is thus clear. However, analysis of the changes in genes that lead to the various differences in plant shape is also possible. In fact, the purpose of this research endeavor is to determine the molecular mechanisms through which all plant characteristics are determined. We aim to study the molecular mechanisms responsible for not only plant shape but also those responsible for other plant characteristics, including color patterns and scents, based on functional analysis of genes related to proliferation and differentiation. Furthermore, we will attempt to apply the results to plant rearing. Moreover, we aim to collaborate with researchers studying roses and orchids in Japan and Southeast Asia in order to investigate the molecular mechanisms of development in garden plants. Through this work, it may be possible to create novel roses, orchids, foliage plants and herbs. This basic research will also contribute to the promotion of the regional economies, particularly in areas famous for flowers, such as Aichi Prefecture, which is known as the prefecture of the flower, as well as countries such as Indonesia. At present, it is therefore important to begin basic research projects and international collaborations.
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